Aged & Vision Impaired

Most of us rely heavily on our eyesight, and if it fails, life can become very difficult. Tasks that were once simple before become challenges as we learn to adapt. M.J.Harris Electrical can help select and install for you a range of options for your home, to make life easier for the aged & vision impaired.

Larger Switches:

Light switches and power points can be installed that have LED lights in the switch themselves, indicating if the switch is on or off. This also makes the switch visible and easy to find in the dark. The switch themselves are available in a range of colours again making them easier to see.

Motion Sensors:

A motion sensor is the ideal solution for the elderly prone to falling in the dark. Strategically placed Motion sensors in your home,  softly illuminate rooms and hallways as you approach them, turning the light off again once it no longer senses movement. This is also a great solution for families with young children finding their way during the night.

Stair Lighting:

Having lights low to the stairs can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also help illuminate making them safer to use. This a great idea for inside the home, but also looks fantastic in the garden.