Security is often thought of as bright spotlights outdoors, but this does not have to be the case.  Also, security lighting can also be used to great effect inside your home.

Lighting for effective security or safety does not need to imply bright spotlights. Sometimes all you require is enough illumination to deter potential criminals. Effective security lighting just needs to be bright enough to allow you to identify visitors at your front door. It can also be used to light up rooms inside at night, especially when there is no one at home.  Set up on a timer system to turn on and off at specific intervals, giving the illusion that the home is occupied.

Adding sensor lights is also a sensible way to make your security lighting more effective.  It saves the need to leave a light on for lengthy periods of time.  They will only activate when they sense movement. So if someone is coming to your front door, it can both light the path for them to walk, but also give you a chance to see who is approaching your home.

Speak with M.J.Harris Electrical and our team can go through your specific requirements and set up a personal security lighting system, unique to your home.