Commercial Rewires

Depending on what use you have for your factory, more often than not you will need some form or rewiring done.  Some machinery requires 3phase outlets, and depending on the age of the building, you may be required to install a switchboard with a circuit breaker.

Much has changed with technology and equipment since many factors and offices were built.  So allowing for computers, data cables and extra equipment is vital.

M.J.Harris Electrical, our team of expert electricians understand the need to get the job done fast, done right and with minimal disruption to your business. We are here to help Melbourne business owners navigate the complexities of commercial electrical wiring requirements, while ensuring the work is up to standard and complies with Australian Standards.

Contact M.J.Harris Electrical and let one of our team help you to design an electrical plan for your office or factory that will take into account all of your current and future needs, and can include power outlets, lighting, data and safety and security systems.